About us

We are an engineering and inspection company with extensive expertise in Inspection, Refractory Solutions, Engineering, and Design.

Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through our global footprint, showcasing a wealth of knowledge garnered from diverse projects around the world.

Our Story

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and boasting an executive office in Spain. We commit ourselves to providing exceptional services tailored to the distinctive requirements of our clients in the dynamic world of oil and gas. Leveraging years of experience, we have refined our proficiency across various specialties.

We firmly believe in the importance of getting the job done right the first time. We understand that in order to achieve this, it requires more than just the latest technologies and equipment. It requires the right people with the necessary expertise.

Our Vision

At IRED, we envision a future where the oil and gas industry thrives through a commitment to safety, engineering precision, and unparalleled inspection standards. We firmly believe that safety is not just a priority but a core value that guides every aspect of our operations.

Engineering & Inspection

Why Us

We aim to be the trusted partner in the oil and gas industry. Ensuring the integrity, safety, and efficiency of critical infrastructure through unparalleled engineering and inspection services.

Additionally, our commitment involves providing innovative solutions that surpass industry standards, safeguard the environment, and contribute to our clients’ sustainable success.

Specialists in Heating and Fired Equipment


Bringing over 35 years of expertise to Sulphur Recovery Units, Amine, and Sour Water Facilities

Extensive experience across the entire technology cycle, from process design through optimization to turnarounds

Commitment to growing with local personnel and communities

Our clients trust us

"Their expertise and guidance has been exceptional whenever we have engaged their services, we have been able to draw on their knowledge and experience"
Senior Asset Integrity Inspector | Maintenance
"Over the time that we have worked with IRED, they have become a true partner to our company. More than just a vendor or supplier, the IRED team works closely with our team to ensure that our needs are met. Their team is both proactive and responsive, providing valuable advice and guidance that helps our organization meet its overall goals and objectives. This is reflected in the quality of their reports. IRED’s recommendations have served as an invaluable tool for us in planning for subsequent shutdowns. It has also enabled us to improve our own internal standards and guidelines."
Global Consultant- Static Equipment
“It is quite apparent that your services are vast and you bring unique and specialized abilities to the project. I have had numerous communications with the clients at very high levels where they have spoken very highly of the services you provice and the benefits of same.”
Partner/Associate refractory contractor, supplier

Our Values


We prioritize the well-being of individuals and the environment, aiming for zero injuries and promoting practices that safeguard people and their surroundings.

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Client-Centric Excellence

Dedicated to delivering the highest standards of service, we respond promptly to our clients' needs with knowledge and unwavering commitment.

Client Preference

We strive to earn preference with our clients by embodying simplicity in doing business, coupled with a steadfast commitment to integrity, ethics, and professionalism in all our interactions.

Sucess Stories

Discover our journey

IRED Reaction Furnace Burner Replacement Project

Customize burner services:Design, Fabricate and Supply.

SRU converters repair project

PEC (Pulsed Eddy Current) and a UT inspection.

IRED visual inspection Fluidized dryer

Maintenance and ensuring the efficient operation of critical equipment.

Acid gas incinerator stack repair project

A repair project for an acid gas incinerator stack

Reformer refractory inspection project

Visual inspection. Evaluate the serviceability of the current refractory

Helical coil heater cleaning Project

Cleaning soot off a double helical coil type unit.

Coker Heater Infrared Inspection

Identify potential issues such as overheating, tube fouling, or insulation gaps.

Hot Spots Infrared Scan

External infrared scan of a hot spots on a reformer reactor unit over time.

Flame Impingement Infrared Inspection

Infrared thermography inspection on a reformer unit.

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Engineering & Inspection

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