Infrared Inspection

High temperature and Gas leak

At IRED, our commitment to excellence is showcased through Infrared Inspection, one of our core services. As a leading provider of cutting-edge inspection solutions, we utilize infrared technology to provide unparalleled insights into the health and performance of your critical assets.

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Heater tube fouling

Heater tube fouling is a persistent challenge in industrial heaters, especially in refineries and petrochemical plants. It happens when deposits like sediment, scale, or other undesirable materials accumulate on heat exchanger tube surfaces. This accumulation hinders heat transfer, reducing heating process efficiency and causing various operational issues.

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Infrared Inspection Thermocouple

Tube skin thermocouple validation with Infrared

Tube skin thermocouples are crucial for monitoring and maintaining optimal industrial heater performance, ensuring accurate temperature measurements on heat exchanger tube surfaces. Validating their reliability and accuracy is essential to prevent issues like tube overheating, reduced efficiency, and equipment damage. In this context, infrared inspection emerges as a valuable tool for confirming tube skin thermocouple functionality.

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Overall thermal map of the heater tube

Traditional single-point temperature measurements, often using thermocouples, offer localized insights but lack a holistic view of the entire tube surface. In contrast, infrared inspection stands out as a powerful technology capable of delivering an overall thermal map, providing a more nuanced and thorough assessment.

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Online refractory assessment for TAR (Turnaround) planning

In addition to heater tube inspections, we offer online refractory assessments for TAR (Turnaround) planning. This assists clients in accurately planning maintenance, preventing unexpected disruptions to their operations.

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Heater optimization through heat balancing

Our infrared inspection enables heater optimization by facilitating heat balancing. This helps clients achieve more efficient heating, reducing energy waste and improving overall performance.

Gas leak detection with Infrared

IRED addresses gas leaks through our infrared inspection services. Gas leaks pose safety risks and can lead to costly repairs if not detected early. Our highly sensitive infrared cameras swiftly identify gas leaks, ensuring facility and personnel safety, and preventing potential environmental hazards.

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Highly experienced and certified inspectors

Our certified inspectors, highly experienced in the infrared inspection of heaters, possess specialized knowledge and expertise with Level 1, 2 and Level 3 certifications. This ensures the highest level of professionalism and skill in every inspection.