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IRED Reaction Furnace Burner Replacement Project

Customize burner services:Design, Fabricate and Supply.

SRU converters repair project

PEC (Pulsed Eddy Current) and a UT inspection.

IRED visual inspection Fluidized dryer

Maintenance and ensuring the efficient operation of critical equipment.

Acid gas incinerator stack repair project

A repair project for an acid gas incinerator stack

Reformer refractory inspection project

Visual inspection. Evaluate the serviceability of the current refractory

Helical coil heater cleaning Project

Cleaning soot off a double helical coil type unit.

Coker Heater Infrared Inspection

Identify potential issues such as overheating, tube fouling, or insulation gaps.

Hot Spots Infrared Scan

External infrared scan of a hot spots on a reformer reactor unit over time.

Flame Impingement Infrared Inspection

Infrared thermography inspection on a reformer unit.